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Mission: To provide affordable, accessible, and exceptional education that fosters student success

Term:  Spring 2018
Course:    ZOO 1114
   General Zoology
Delivery Format:  Traditional

Instructor Information:

Name:  Brook Wiersig
Office Location:  RC 304
Preferred Contact Method:   :   e-mail
Office Phone:  918-647-1417
Office Hours:  As posted

Textbook 1 Information: Required
Integrated Principles of Zoology.  Hickman, Roberts, Larson, I Anson, Eisenhour. 0073040509  Click here to enter Author, 

Textbook 2 Information: Required
Hopkins and Smith Introduction to Zoology, A Laboratory Manual. Morton Publishing, Englewood, California. 0895823586


Course Description:
Designed for students with majors and minors in biological science, this course presents the major concepts of biology as illustrated by animal life and studies selected vertebrates as laboratory animals. 3 hours Theory, 2 hours Laboratory.
Credit Hours:  4.00 Credits

Evaluation/Assessment Practices:

 Assignments and Course Format:

1.            Exams: A total of four or five major examinations will be given during the semester for the lecture section of the class. Exams may include multiple choice, matching and possibly labeling sections. Each exam will be a sectional test covering material that has been lectured over since the previous exam, and the final may be comprehensive.
2.            Assignments and class participation may count as one overall grade that will be equal to a test grade.
3.            Lab

The general format of the class will be lecture and discussion as well as occasional group activities. In lab, you will be working in small groups of 2-3 students. You may turn in lab work with your group or as individuals. The textbook will occasionally be used in lab and possibly in class. 

Grade Scale:

Average                               Letter Grade                      To Figure Overall Average:
90% and above                 A                             (Exam Average)(0.75) + (Lab Average)(0.25) = Final Average
80%-89%                              B                                                   
70%-79%                             C                                                            
60%-69%                              D
59% and below                 F

Grading Policies:

The lowest of the regular lecture exam grades may be dropped (this includes the assignment grade but excludes the final). Lecture tests (including the participation/assignment grade) will make up 75% of the total grade.

The lowest of the lab grades may be dropped. Lab will make up 25% of the total grade. 

Bonus work will NOT be given on an individual basis.

Students are expected to take tests at the time they are scheduled.  A student that cannot make the exam at the time it is scheduled must contact the instructor prior to missing the test to be able to make that exam up.  Arrangements can be made for "special" occasions which are under the discretion of the instructor. All tests must be made up before the week of finals (no make-up tests will be given the week of finals).  No curve or bonus will be given on any make-up exam.  Lab tests or lab assignments will not be made up.

                The student will be responsible for reading the assigned topics before class and for participation in class discussion and activities.  Students are responsible for all outside assignments made! DO NOT work on your review questions during class!! You will be counted absent for the day if you are working on your review questions during class. AV and research papers will be assigned when appropriate.
                Responsibility for attending class rests upon the student. Attendance in class is expected and will be recorded. Each faculty member will determine his or her attendance policy which may require between 75 - 90 percent attendance for credit in the course.

Punctual and regular class attendance is expected of all students enrolled at Carl Albert State College. A student is expected to attend every class and laboratory for which he or she has registered. Each instructor will make known to the student his or her policy with respect to absences in the course. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of this policy. Being prepared for class in advance and participating on a regular basis is a vitally important ingredient for academic success.

At the beginning of each semester, every instructor will distribute a course syllabus and clearly state his or her attendance policy. It is the student's responsibility to inquire of the instructor if there are questions.

It is also the responsibility of the student to consult with his/her instructors when an absence must be excused. Instructors are given the prerogative of determining the excusableness of student absences except absences for school-sponsored activities and legally required jury duty, which shall be deemed excusable.

A student is also responsible for all class work covered during his/her absence from class, even in classes in which he/she is able to satisfy the instructor that the absence was unavoidable.

Failure to attend class regularly may result in a recommendation for the student to withdraw from class or from College. Students who cease attending a class but do not withdraw from that class will receive a grade of F for the course. Attendance will be taken in each class at Carl Albert State College each time that class meets
Additional Course Information:
SUPPLIES: Scantrons, #2 lead pencils, 3-ring binder, colored pencils or pens, paper

1.            Tardiness: Tardiness (being late for the beginning of class) is severely frowned upon.  Class officially begins at the posted time (and according to instructor's clock).  If a student is not present at roll (which is taken at every class meeting), that student is counted absent. Students are expected to arrive in class on time. 
2.            Class Materials: Students are responsible for bringing notes to class. Do not ask me to provide you with notes if you forget them. You are also responsible for bringing something to write with, extra paper, etc., and scantrons and pencils on test days.
3.            Cell Phones: Silence phones before class. If you are on your phone during a test, I will assume you are using it to cheat and you will receive a zero for that test.
4.    Laptops, Ipads, Headphones, Ipods, etc: Should not be used or out during class.
5.    RESPECT!! Please show respect for your instructor, fellow students and your college.
    a.        Do not talk while the instructor or another student is speaking.
    b.        Do not distract other students while they are trying to listen and learn.
    c.        Put trash in the trash can. DO NOT put trash in the sinks, drawers, or cabinets of the desks.
    d.        Do not write on or vandalize desks, chairs or any other school property.

Course Calendar:


Spring 2018


Lecture (Chapters)







Cells, Mitosis, Tissues


4,Exam 1

Tissue test


3, 5






Exam 2; 9,10









15,  Exam 3



Spring Break

No Labs meet


16; Easter Break

No labs meet


17, 18

Frog dissection



Frog test


20,Exam 4

Fish Lab



Pig dissections



Pig test



Make-up time if needed




Holidays and Breaks: Spring Break 3/19-23; Easter Break 3/29-30 

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